Brandi Luiz

Brandi and Mindi

Brandi Luiz on What Volunteering Means to Her

Without our volunteers, we could not do the work we do to come alongside Oregon DHS to help those in and working with foster care. We would like to thank our volunteers for all the outstanding work they do. This month we are featuring Brandi Luiz, Community Coordinator for ECHO Douglas.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please sign up here. There’s something to do for everyone.

ECHO: What motivated you to volunteer with ECHO Douglas?  
BL: Debbie Horton, Co-Director of ECHO Douglas, spoke to me about the program and what it entailed. I had recently been involved with Oregon DHS, foster parenting, and teenagers. So the idea 

behind it intrigued me. I thought if I can do something, it’s better than nothing.
ECHO: What makes your experience a meaningful use of your time? 
BL: I believe that making a small impact is just as important as making a huge one. I think that being able to provide encouragement and support to tired, overwhelmed, and overworked people is so vital. Personally, I know that just a word of encouragement helps me. Also, it gives me the energy to help others, I thrive on that!
ECHO: What is your biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer with ECHO?
BL: The biggest benefit I receive is seeing the relief and thankfulness on the faces of those that we help. Being able to give of myself is such a small part to play in the lives of others.

ECHO: What is the most memorable accomplishment of your ECHO volunteer experience? 
BL: The fun I have interacting with the families at the Foster Parent appreciation dinner. Seeing the kids and the parents and being able to share with them and care for them.
ECHO: What motivates you to stay involved?
BL: Being able to help, it’s not that much time. It’s not like there is something every day or every week, it’s the ability to help whenever I can.
ECHO: Do you have a message to share?
BL: I think the biggest message is that every one of us can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how little or how big but we all can make a difference. If everyone has a chance to give something…time, money, resources, themselves we can make a huge impact in the lives of children and families.