Harmony Klingenmeyer: Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight

Harmony Klingenmeyer:
Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight

Over the last five years, Harmony and her husband Scott have had the privilege of parenting 16 children from the Douglas County foster system. They have been blessed to adopt three sons. They know that God is working miraculously in the lives of vulnerable children and families through the intervention, care, and example of foster families.

Faith Community Liaison
Faith Community Liaison for ECHO Douglas

ECHO: What is it about the ECHO mission that appealed to you personally?
HK: As a foster mom and teacher in the public schools, I see first hand on a daily basis the desperate needs of children in our community. ECHO Douglas’s mission to uplift families and children impacted by the foster care system and by the trauma of abuse and neglect is exactly why we are foster parents. Scott’s and my heart is to reach into dark circumstances with hope and peace and a helping hand to see both children and biological families restored. I choose to partner with ECHO because my heart and the heart of this organization are the same.

ECHO: What would you tell new volunteers about ECHO and why should they help?
HK: Firstly I would tell them, the goals and aspirations of ECHO are only made possible when everyone gives something to the cause of children impacted by trauma. In the case of charitable work, the 80/20 rule, unfortunately, holds true: 20% of the people do 80% of the work. The more people rise up and face the crisis our county is in, the quicker we will come to solutions. Each of us has something valuable, something only we can give, and we must not hold back for the sake of the next generation. Secondly, I would tell each of you thank you. As a foster and adoptive mom, I say, thank you for caring. Thank you for giving. Not everyone can do what Scott and I do. But when you do what YOU can do, such as volunteering or donating, there is a lasting impact on real people, and some of them live in my home.

ECHO: What do you hope the organization will achieve soon and long term?
HK: My goal as the Faith Community Liaison is threefold: to inform the faith community of the needs of children and families in Douglas County, to catalyze the Faith community to ACT on behalf of children and families, and to provide training and support to future foster families in our community. These goals have both short and long-term strategies: connecting with faith leaders and building strong relationships between myself and church leaders in Douglas County is my focus for the next six months. I would also love to be given the opportunity to present the vision of ECHO to churches all over our county. The support and collaboration of the amazing faith community of Douglas County will be key in assisting foster and biological families toward the restoration of children.

ECHO: Why do you want to volunteer for ECHO?
HK: I chose to become the Faith Community Liaison for ECHO Douglas County because I believe in giving my time and energy to the cause of rescuing this generation. I wanted to increase my impact and maximize my efforts by partnering with an established and reputable organization that is having a real impact already in our community.

ECHO: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
HK: A fun fact about me is that I lived in Germany and studied opera there. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, and Germany will always be a second home to me.

Thank you, Harmony for joining the ECHO Douglas team. We’re excited to see what the future brings as we work together to bring love, support, and caring to foster care in Douglas County.

If you or someone else you know would be interested in fostering, please feel free to check out this link.