Social Worker Appreciation Day

Rainbow image on green social worker appreciation
Social workers and our partners serving children and families at ODHS are often stepping into hard situations, and work tirelessly for the wellbeing of children in Oregon. 

Showing appreciation for their work can go a long way to encourage and appreciate their effort and an acknowledgment of the tough work of child welfare. 

Last fall, our Every Child affiliate in Jackson County provided a lunch for ODHS workers (Empanada food cart pictured above!) Even simple gestures of appreciation like baking cookies, or dropping off some donuts at your local office, can go a long way in making child welfare workers feel seen and appreciated. Some other great ways to mark Social Worker Appreciation Day:
-Providing coffee or coffee gift cards
-Thank you notes
-Visitation room make-overs

There are many ways to get involved! Reach out to your local Every Child affiliate for more ideas.