Overcoming Addiction for a Hopeful Future

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Overcoming Addiction for a Hopeful Future

Our Every Child Yamhill team received a request from an Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare permanency worker wanting to support a couple who had been reunified with their two young boys. The request for household items as the family settled back into a healthier life together is an example of HOPE for a family that had experienced generational trauma.

Both parents worked to overcome addiction. The couple – good people that made bad choices – realized they needed to change for the sake of their own children. They voluntarily entered into the Child Welfare program so they could form healthier habits and create a healthier life for their kids. The two boys, ages 6 and 7, were placed in foster care while each parent went through their own addiction recovery program. The parents worked hard to get clean and meet all the requirements to get their boys back.

The simple request for some household items was met beyond expectation. A donor provided a $300 Walmart gift card to gather all the basics this family needed for their home. The Every Child Yamhill team also provided the family with a Launch Box that contained a gift card to Winco to help with groceries.

We want families to feel supported and HOPEFUL for a different future for themselves and their children. We want them to know that their community is ready to walk alongside them as they take the steps toward a better life.