Local woman, involved with foster care, inspired by her foster child

Lynette Hasse

EAGLE POINT, Ore. – An Eagle Point woman’s journey with the foster care system began years ago, when she started taking in foster children.

Lynette Hasse is involved in Every Child.

Her youngest, Brendan, is one of her inspirations for getting more people involved with fostering. The Hasse family welcomed Brendan into their home when he was only four months old.

She had three children at the time and her and her husband felt like a fourth would be perfect.

“When they were younger, we just felt called to fostering. We love raising our kids and we loved being parents,” Lynette said.

She says Brendan came from an abusive background and his biological mother was homeless when she had him.

Brendan says he can’t believe how lucky he is for his family.

“Some kids that get adopted, I bet they don’t feel as lucky as me, because I feel like God placed me in the perfect family,” Brendan said.

He has never met his biological mother, but has met his biological grandparents.

He says when he first found out he was adopted he was surprised, but receiving the news didn’t stop him from loving his family.

“I’m just like one of the normal kids that hangs around with a couple of his friends,” Brendan said.

The Hasse family says they are thankful to have Brendan.

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KTVL, February 23, 2017