Local church groups give Springfield DHS a makeover

Springfield Makeover

EUGENE, Ore. – The Department of Human Services in Springfield got a new look over the weekend after three local church groups decided to spruce up the visiting rooms.

The visiting rooms, otherwise known as family rooms, are where parents schedule supervised visits with their children in DHS care.

The groups redecorated two visiting rooms and the DHS break room.

They hauled out the old furniture and outdated toys, prepped the walls for painting, and began working Friday evening.

Pastor Kyle Raney with the East Side Baptist Church said they chose to help DHS because of how hard they work to take care of their foster children.

“I can’t imagine how big their hearts must be to love on these kids and find them safe places to live and so we thought the least we can do is give back to them in some small way,” Raney said.

“It’s been a real, a real gift to watch these people come and support us in the work that we’re doing each day,” said Brandyn Rice from Springfield DHS.

On Saturday, the groups painted the family rooms bright colors, brought in new toys and furniture and remodeled and cleaned the carpets.

Raney said their goal was to make the rooms a positive place where family can enjoy time together.

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KVAL, October 23, 2016