Foster Parent Spotlight: Anthony Dixon


Anthony Dixon has been a foster parent for almost 29 years. His foster care journey is something to be admired; full of courage and perseverance.

Growing up, Anthony moved around a lot. His father was in the military and when Anthony was seven years old, his parents divorced. These combined experiences caused him to move around often, throughout his childhood. This reality impacted his ability to make friends and feel settled and secure.

Anthony grew up to become a counselor and mentor to youth – many of whom had experienced trauma. It was through that experience that someone suggested he become a foster parent. Within his first month of being a foster parent, he had four boys, between the ages of 12 and 17, placed with him.

Due to the challenges he faced throughout his childhood, Anthony empathizes with the adversity children in foster care experience. This has been his key to success in his fostering journey. He’s learned the significance of not just telling kids they’re understood, but showing them in how he treats them, responds and listens to them.

Anthony also understands the importance of keeping structure and predictability in his home. The boys know what to expect and never have to wonder what the next moment is going to hold. For children navigating foster care, life comes with so much unpredictability – whether or not there will be another foster home, where their next meal will come from.

“I don’t want children to have that same experience. I want them to feel grounded – like they have a place to land,” said Dixon.

For each child that comes into his home, he wants to let them know that they’re helping create the space and even though they aren’t with family, they’re with someone who truly cares.

Currently, Anthony has six boys placed with him: ages 6, 7, 9, 10, 10, and 12. In addition to being a foster father, Anthony has spent the last 3 years mentoring foster families who need support.

When asked what keeps him encouraged to continue fostering, he expressed that he doesn’t want to see another kid go through what he went through.