Camp Stories of Welcoming Kids in Care


“Over the first week of July, Grove Christian Camp offered scholarships for 18 kids in foster care from Cottage Grove to attend a full week of camp for free!

Grove Camp has a service focus for each camp, and last week it was Every Child. So I went and spent the whole week out there. There were about 150 campers, about 40 of which were kids from foster care.

All 150 kids wrote letters of encouragement to kids in care, and made 15 welcome boxes for kids in their community. They also had raised $700 by the end of the camp week, out of their snack shack money – to give to kids in need in their community!

The best part of camp, however, was when one of our campers shared with us that he had received a welcome box when entering care, and still has everything from his box, including the shampoo that he just refills so that he can always have his own. ”

–Rebecca Fitch De Kay from Every Child Lane County