Above and Beyond.


“I sat in a meeting at the Yamhill County DHS and wiped away tears as I listened to caseworkers share how they are planning a date night for foster parents in their county.

In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month, the Child Welfare Staff are volunteering their time, giving up part of their weekend with their own families, and babysitting kiddos in foster care to provide a night off for foster families.

This is not required. 
There is no budget line item for this event.

Several of the caseworkers cook meals and sell lunches to staff at their office every week just to raise enough money from the staff to be able to buy pizza for the kids and host the event!

This is what going above and beyond looks like. This is what showing up for kids and foster parents looks like.

These are the untold stories of how DHS caseworkers are giving everything and then some to care for our communities’ children. ”
–Every Child Staff