A Detailed Surprise

EC_PDX_Car Detail

Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to bless families in unique (and practical!) ways. Last month, we were informed that a foster parent with four toddlers could greatly benefit from having help with cleaning the inside of their vehicle. As you can imagine, these four sweet Rugrats have really done a number on the inside of the vehicle. Keeping up with any kind of cleaning is difficult — keeping a car clean when you have littles can often seem impossible. This family has welcomed many children into their home over the last couple of years, from toddlers to teens, and especially with the family’s commitment to supporting children, we jumped at the opportunity to show them love and appreciation.

Thanks to generous community donations, we were able to cover the cost of a complete car detail. The detailer even gave a discount. How beautiful is that?

The Foster Parents said, “I had just been looking into this as we were feeling we needed to tackle the inside of the car. What perfect timing! It looks beautiful and smells brand new! Thank you so much!” As you can see, the kids were great cheerleaders on the sidelines!

We can’t be there for everyone, but we are grateful to play a small part in making someone’s day a bit brighter when we can. These are simple ways you too can support a foster parent in your network.

If you’re interested in caring for families in your community through our My NeighbOR program, go to everychildoregon.org/myneighbor