Douglas County residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about foster care and the many opportunities available to anyone that would be interested in helping.


Nov. 16, 2020, ROSEBURG, OR., The need for foster care in Douglas County is great and continues to grow. With over 400 Douglas County children needing at least one day in foster care and less than 180 certified foster homes to place them in, our community lacks the needed number of foster homes to ensure children are placed with the most strategic family for their safety and well-being.

Explore Fostering gives anyone the opportunity to ask relevant questions and learn about fostering from local foster parents and Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) caseworkers about the types of care available:

RELIEF ACTIVITIES, (hours – several days), Provides relief to foster parents
FOSTER SHORT/LONG-TERM, (hours, 20 days – 2 years), Provides brief shelter care or an intermediary home
ADOPTIVE FOREVER FAMILY, (permanent care), Provides a child a permanent home

Every Child Douglas’ goal is to mobilize an unprecedented number of foster families in Douglas County in partnership with the ODHS. Every Child Douglas is a public/private community effort to encourage community members to love, care for, and support vulnerable children and families in partnership with ODHS. 

Monday, November 16, 2020
6 pm to 7 pm

For the ZOOM meeting link, email info4echo@gmail.com to request it. Now is a good time to find out what Every Child Douglas and ODHS are doing to make the lives of our children and families of Douglas County better.

For more information about Every Child Douglas and ECHO Douglas, please contact:

Debbie Horton, Co Director ECHO Douglas
(541)236–3174 or info4echo@gmail.com


Julie Brown, Co Director ECHO Douglas
(541)236–3174 or info4echo@gmail.com