• Just in time for the holidays!

    Buy a $45 sweatshirt and
    all proceeds will go to support
    your local foster care support
    and recruitment efforts!

  • Meet Our Foster Parents

    Ordinary Oregonians who rise up for children in foster care

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  • What is Every Child?

    Every Child involves families who love, care for, and support vulnerable children and families in Oregon.

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  • Every Child is expanding across Oregon

    By 2022, it will operate in every county in the state.

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Every Child gathers families to love, care, and support vulnerable children and families in Oregon.


Every Child focuses on meeting tangible needs for foster children and families in Oregon communities.
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We’re here to walk with you through this journey. You are not alone.

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Let’s revolutionize the foster care system in Oregon together and change the future for vulnerable children and families.
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