The Story

The Story


On March 23, after COVID-19 was deemed a national emergency, Every Child launched My NeighbOR to meet acute needs for Oregon’s vulnerable children and foster families. It worked. We've expanded to serve youth, foster families, and birth families. Join us!




Vulnerable children in Oregon


Oregon foster families


Of children & families need a community

The Story

We are using technology and community networks to connect Oregon neighbors to the urgent and essential needs of youth and families impacted by foster care. 

Will you invest in our shared neighbors once again?



Families and Youth Served

To date:

  • 2,718+ Oregonians have said "Yes" to supporting their neighbors.
  • 3,427  foster families and youth have asked for help.


We've fulfilled 2,568 needs thanks to generous Oregonians like you. The needs are ongoing. Help us spread the word!


200 Devices for Youth

Thanks to individual donors, businesses, and universities, we met our goal of 200 laptops/tablets for children and youth across the state. We were so grateful to partner with Free Geek to make this happen!



When the wildfires spread across Oregon, My NeighbOR supporters met the immediate needs of families and youth.


Neighbors gathered together to meet the needs of air purifiers, groceries, gift cards, clothing, and more on behalf of families.

July 28

Serving More Families

We expanded our work to serve youth, foster families, and birth families impacted by foster care.

June 17

A Vision For Growth

To date:

  • 1,500+ Oregonians have said “Yes” to supporting their neighbors.
  • 1,035 foster families and youth have asked for help.

We want to see every vulnerable child in Oregon supported. So we are going all-in, again.

Early April

Feedback Rolls In

“Just spoke with foster momma in Polk County who is caring for her medically fragile niece and can’t leave the house because of COVID. When I asked if we could send her a $100 gift card for groceries and delivery she burst into tears.”
- Every Child Team


“I had to leave my job and school to go back to stay with my family because I didn’t have any groceries. Please tell whoever the donor is how much this means.”
- Youth in foster care

April 2

System Overload

After just two weeks, the program was overwhelmed with 300+ requests for support. Our system began to fray, and we needed to scale. We recalibrated again and launched My NeighbOR Version 2.

MARCH 23-31


  • 100% of Every Child staff reallocated to My NeighbOR
  • 36 counties reached through Every Child affiliate organizations
  • 47 partners mobilized to become safe drop-sites where goods are dropped off and picked up
  • New technology whipped together to execute the program
  • Round the clock TEAM EFFORT
March 23

Emergency Response

In mid-March, Every Child had a conversation with ODHS Child Welfare concerning the mounting foster family needs from COVID-19. Within days, Oregon was on lockdown, and ODHS was unable to respond. We conceptualized My NeighbOR in a five-hour work session and launched it three days later.