Mindy McFerrin: Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight

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Mindy McFerrin: Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight

Mindy McFerrin was born and raised in Douglas County. As a mom,  licensed pastor, certified Christian counselor, and volunteer board member of Aviva health, she has a heart for children and a desire to serve others. This makes her a great fit as Every Child Douglas’ (ECD) Encouragement and Support co-coordinator with Brandi Luiz.

She works to empower our volunteers, organize community events and services such as outreach, recruitment, and relief care. She checks in with team leaders and provides them support for launch care, ODHS hospitality, welcome boxes, and united partners. She helps follow up with those who are interested in becoming volunteers and finding them areas within Every Child Douglas’ 18 service areas that best suit them.

ECD: What motivated you to volunteer with Every Child Douglas?
MF: My motivation for being an Every Child Douglas volunteer is feeling like I’m giving back to my community in a big way. Douglas County residents raised $55,000 to ensure I would be able to afford brain surgery giving me my life back! Every Child is an organization that allows me to help vulnerable children and families as well as an ability to support the staff at ODHS.

ECD: What makes your experience a meaningful use of your time?
MF: Being a part of Every Child means being part of a great team of volunteers and community members working harmoniously to do the best we can for children in foster care, foster families, bio families, and ODHS workers.

ECD: What is your biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer with Every Child?
MF: The biggest benefit for me has been meeting new people, making community connections, and the many new friendships I have formed.

ECD: What is the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience?
MF: The most memorable thing (not an accomplishment) from volunteering so far has been being invited to be a part of an adoption ceremony of a family I did respite care for. It was an honor and a blessing!

ECD: What motivates you to stay involved?
MF: I’m motivated to stay involved by having the support of our team, and knowing that our teamwork is making a positive impact on our community.

ECD: Of what contribution or achievement are you most proud of?
MF: I’m most proud of getting to recognize the ODHS workers for the amazing work they do in an otherwise thankless job.

ECD: Do you have a message to share?
MF: My message to those considering volunteering for Every Child is this: Being an Every Child volunteer means you do what you can when you can. There are 18 areas we all look through to find what you feel is a good fit for you. Because we work as a team there will always be others alongside you. Check us out, there is no obligation, but there are friendships to gain and so many families in Douglas County in need of our support!