Golf charity event raises funds for foster children in Douglas County

Golf charity event raises funds for foster children in Douglas County

James Hill, right, hits an approach shot to the No. 3 green as Chuck Danskey, center, and Dale Hill look on during the first Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday at the Oak Hills Golf Club in Sutherlin. Mike Henneke/News-Review photos



Article by Madison Temmel The News-Review

The first ball veered too far to the right, making Bob Wood, director of Oregon Christian Evangelistic Fellowship, take the opportunity for a mulligan.

“Alright Bob, you can do better,” Wood said to himself.

With the swing of his club, the golf ball soared above the pond before landing near the green of the seventh hole.

Wood was joined by other golfers, including his daughter, Saturday to participate in the first Charity Golf Tournament at Oak Hills Golf Club in Sutherlin.

The inaugural event was organized by Every Child Douglas, a nonprofit that works alongside the Department of Human Services, to raise funds for foster families in the county.

In addition to raising funds, Laura Hollifield, who works on the media marketing team at Every Child Douglas County, hopes that the event helps bring awareness to the current situation for foster families in Douglas County.

There are currently 334 children in foster care in the county. Many of them find themselves moving from foster home to foster home — 68% of them have had multiple placements — according to Every Child Douglas.

And with a large number of children in foster care, there aren’t enough foster families available to assist, Hollifield said.

Of the 172 foster families in the county able to assist these children, 104 are labeled as “child-specific,” which means they will only foster children they are related to, according to the Oregon Department of Human Services in Douglas County.

Due to past stigma associated with the term “foster,” the term “resource family” or “resource child” has begun to grow in popularity.

Every Child Douglas hopes by supporting DHS through events and outreach that more people can learn ways to help. Every Child Douglas welcomes anyone who wishes to volunteer or is interested in fostering to reach out.

“We need to take care of those foster families so they feel supported,” Hollifield said.

The event included raffle prizes for participants, and the chance for players to win a 2021 Chevrolet Equinox — if they could shoot a hole-in-one.

Travis Roberts, of Coos Bay, came out to play with the team formed by Billboard Lumber Products, one of the event sponsors. As everyone prepared to play for the coveted hole-in-one, Roberts joked with teammates.

While no one from his team walked away with a set of new car keys, Roberts felt happy about being out to play.

“I’m here to play golf and to help the kids,” Roberts said.

Madison Temmel is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at and 541-957-4217.