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An Easter to Remember

Riverbend Church in Bend really rallied around children in care this easter! Together the church made 65 Easter Baskets for children in care in their community! What an incredible impact these made on the dignity, worth and value of children in care, but also how encouraging it is to our partners at DHS to see the…
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Something is everything!

Every Child's Executive Director Brooke Gray had the opportunity to share some of the greatest needs on KATU News! There are so many ways that Oregonians can give to youth and kids in foster care. Click the link below to watch the video and learn about the little things you can do!…/…/little-things-you-can-do-for-foster-kids    
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The Impact of Saying “Yes”

I started working with Every Child with my own internal commitment to be a behind the scenes worker. I'd seen the heartbreak of foster parenting when we adopted our children from care, and I wanted none of that for myself. When I was asked to be a member of a respite team for a foster…
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A Generous Community

The community in Yamhill County  has rallied around their local DHS office in incredible ways! They have begun monthly DHS hospitality events to take the time to show their DHS employees how appreciated and valued they are! Community members, faith communities, and local businesses have all been getting involved to show DHS love and support…
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A Turning Tide

hos•pi•tal•i•ty generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)   Whenever someone new moves into my grandmother’s neighborhood, she makes her way over there with a freshly baked delectable from the Taste of Home archives nearly before the moving truck has pulled away. Last year, she delivered cookies to her gas attendant. And,…
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Shyla’s Story

I entered foster care at the age of 16 with my 4 younger brothers that were 6 years old and younger. Our parents had serious drug problems and were very violent to each other and we didn't have a lot of money. We lived in cars, shelters, friends and family's houses. DHS said our house…
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Bittersweet is an understatement. Giving a child back to their mama more than 500 days after they arrived in your home feels impossible. Every night, books are read, songs are sung, prayers are prayed, and we gently close this door saying, "Goodnight, _____. I love you." Soon enough, the door will stay open. No more…
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You Are Loved. You Are Safe. You Are Special.

Last year, a timid wobbler walked into our home with her caseworker on a dark, dreary December night. Her curly hair stood straight up, and her big brown eyes were wide and frightened. As her caseworker set her down, she stood for a moment...then slowly toddled over to me and put her arms up--the universal…
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