Our Mission & Core Values

Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Oregon.


Every Child believes in a hopeful future for children and families in Oregon.


Every Child connects individuals, businesses, families, and faith communities with acute needs.


Every Child relentlessly fights for children in crisis, and commits to finding safe, nurturing places where they can flourish.


Every Child provides radical hospitality with a posture of humility and care for children, families, and our partners working in child welfare.

What We Do In Oregon

1. Story-telling

Every Child shares the realities of foster care while demonstrating a positive, collaborative and hopeful tone that challenges the stereotypes associated with the system and those involved.

2. Empowering Volunteers

Every Child provides meaningful ways for anyone and everyone to engage with the child welfare system.

3. Raising Up New Foster Parents

While inviting individuals to get involved at any level, Every Child Oregon is relentless about sharing the need for more foster families, and has become the Oregon Department of Human Services’ strongest foster family recruiting entity.

4. Supporting Families

As foster families come forward at an unprecedented rate and families of origin get reunified (the goal of foster care), Every Child provides relational, community, and tangible support for families.

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